All credits written below are written in no special order. Without these awesome people and firms this project would not have been the same.

Engine and Plugins etc. and its awesome community
Jeff Faust for his AFX ( ) ( )
TwistedJenius for his UAISK ( ) for years of great tech innovation and releasing the Torque 3D under the MIT license  ( Alas, no longer active… )

Art Stuff
A warm thanks goes to (Todd Pickens) for his patient. (site are not longer active)

A special thank goes to the awesome project who provided many useful icons that Noble Games Production has downloaded and customized to fit the game Dryadalum Mundi’s style:

Authors & Contributors


Dryadalum Mundi’s Sountrack is made by the music composer:
Peter Gundry
Noble Games Production is deeply grateful for his help and contribution.


Lastly but not least Friends and family.

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